Hi, I’m Carol LeBlanc, CPA

I’m on a mission to create powerful CEOs.

I do this by breaking down the barriers between you and your financial information. I believe financial strategy supported by rock-solid bookkeeping and coaching to breakthrough stuck points are key components of business success.

My customers often come to me in a mess, sometimes far behind on their bookkeeping and out of touch with their numbers. Some are afraid to look at their financial information and often don’t know what to do with it when they see it.

Staying in fear is not an option.

Your numbers exist and are what they are whether you look at them or not.

Let’s see what’s what together. Let’s use the financial information to our advantage.

I want you to be successful. I want the world to experience what you and your business have to offer.

Don’t let lack of knowledge in this area hold you back from being the Badass CEO I know you are capable of being.

I’m here to create systems that deliver ease, information, strategy and results.

I’m here to deliver the financial goods.

I am a financial truth-teller with compassionate delivery and a results mindset.

I started my business career at age nineteen in management spending seven years working my way up from Baker to General Manager of Paradise Bakery and Café (since bought by Panera Bread) in Aspen, Colorado. I proudly led our store to reach the long-time goal of breaking over a million dollars in sales a year (that’s a lot of cookies and muffins!).

I grew up in this business and learned invaluable lessons about hiring and managing employees, leading a team, excellent customer service, quality products, cost control, sales and marketing.

I know what it takes to run a successful business.

Ready for a change, I took an accounting job and found I was good it. I loved putting things in order and discovered the power of financial information for business success.

Fast forward nineteen years: like my time at Paradise Bakery, I have learned the accounting profession from the ground up going from Bookkeeper to obtaining my CPA license and starting my own business after years of experience in all aspects of accounting, tax and audit.

I understand how business and accounting work together.

During my career as an employee in a public accounting firm I saw A LOT of bad bookkeeping and entrepreneurs who didn’t have the financial information they needed timely to run strong companies.

Business Adventure School 2015-500I knew there was a better way.

I have created a company where I can have much deeper relationships with my customers and take better care of them than I was able to do in my job at a traditional accounting firm.

Now I get to work with amazing entrepreneurs like you who are using your gifts to make your life, the lives of your family and your customers better through your businesses.

I work with people one on one designing simple processes for getting the bookkeeping taken care of in a way that takes as much off your plate as possible, freeing up your time and energy.

My customized approach includes a monthly accounting cycle to keep us from getting behind ensuring you have timely, accurate financial information and me to discuss it with.

With my assistance, my clients know their numbers, set financial goals, map out plans for achieving them, receive coaching along the way and are held accountable for getting results.

We map out a plan that includes paying yourself, saving for taxes, maintaining a healthy cash reserve, managing cash flow and mapping out revenues. This is a powerful combination of foundational necessities for a strong business.

My Mission is to Grow Your Mission

Oh, and I am obsessed with marketing, coaching and getting to the heart of the matter.

Me and my coach Jenny Fenig-500I’ve invested in learning and coaching consistently since the start of my business. I’ve had some great mentors.

I studied marketing in Ali Brown’s Elevate Program and am currently part of Jenny Fenig’s Business Adventure School.  I also completed Jason Blumer’s Pioneering the New Firm Coaching Course and his Creative Coaching Training Program.

I believe in continual learning and believe coaching to be a powerful tool for moving forward in business.

I have countless hours of coaching experience through receiving coaching myself, coaching others in my accounting network and coaching my own clients.

One person summed up her experience with me by saying, “The way you ask questions and help formulate potential concepts is like a non-threatening funnel to get the big chuck of thoughts focused in the right direction.”


My style of working with my clients has been described as caring, patient, encouraging, insightful and fun.

I believe we should have a good time working together!

My clients tell me they feel better after talking to me. I am often told that I said just what they needed to hear to get clarity about what their next move should be. I have a gift for creating a non-judgmental space where my customers can look at their numbers in comfort with confidence and be inspired to take action and make improvements.

My goal is to support you in reaching your goals, whether your goals are to increase profits, get clarity around your finances or totally hand off your bookkeeping knowing its well taken care of.

Me and my CPA -500Let’s strengthen your business by empowering you to KNOW and LOVE your numbers, now.

A little about me personally…. A California girl at heart, I have been making my way east by way of Colorado and Upstate New York.

I work virtually with most of my customers. My business is based out of Albany, New York and I live in the magical Berkshire Mountains of Massachusetts where I get to do lots of cool things like go to drumming circles, Journey Dance, take in beautiful views hiking around this pristine countryside, write around tables of women and mix and mingle with healers of all kinds.

I am a proud mother of two teenage boys and am amazed as they grow into young men.

A fun fact about me is my husband and I met while we were both spending a summer working in Yellowstone National Park the year of the big fire in 1989. We took our kids back there for a vacation 20 years later. He is my biggest supporter!

Ready to KNOW and LOVE your numbers now? Click Here to apply for a complementary 30 minute discovery session with Carol to explore how to get you there. 


“I’m delighted to recommend Carol LeBlanc to creative types, or anyone for that matter, who can’t imagine actually enjoying managing their finances and learning all the ins and outs of QuickBooks (or online banking). I have a new business, and the accounting was the last thing I wanted to deal with. Carol made learning the programs fun. Her patience and encouragement during our trainings sped the learning and helped me feel truly competent at something I’ve been scared of all my life. And I can rest knowing my finances are in order. She’s a miracle worker!” Mary Campbell http://diviningbeauty.com/

“Carol is a true gem. Not only is she a caring and compassionate accountant that will get your books in order, but she is a wonderful coach. Carol has amazing listening skills and is gifted at clarifying any issue that you are working through.  She has helped me accomplish more in my business than I thought possible.” Magen Smith, CPA www.selfstoragecpa.com