Create Order

We CREATE ORDER by getting our bookkeeping done! Let’s start with the definition of what bookkeeping is: Bookkeeping is the PRACTICE of recording all of a business’s financial transactions in a SYSTEMATIC way and in chronological order which MUST be done for all... read more

Fearless Financial Ritual

Fearless Financial Ritual To support you, comfort you, reduce anxiety, and add pleasure to the task of taking care of your business finances. Use this Two Step ritual before working on your bookkeeping, having discussions about finances or anytime you are feeling... read more

Get Paid!

[Finance Friday Practice: Get Paid!] CASH is the LIFEBLOOD of a BUSINESS. We need to keep it coming in as quickly and as regularly as possible. That is why getting paid is a #1 priority for me. Cash supports you in doing THE WORK you are in business to do. Having... read more

Know What You Owe

[Finance Friday Practice: Know What You Owe] There are many layers to this, and I will share more as we continue working together but for now I want to talk to you about two key numbers I want you to know, my thoughts on the subject, and how to start consciously... read more

Money on the Table Monday!

I want to share a weekly practice that we do in my Facebook group, Love Your Numbers Now. It’s called: MONEY ON THE TABLE MONDAY [Action Step] A Powerful practice for your business is to set aside time to set an intention to invite more money into your business... read more