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Finance Friday Practice – Look Ahead

What is looking ahead and how do you look ahead? Looking ahead financially in your business means to create a financial forecast where you map out the income and expenses of your business and what your cash balance will be as you move forward in time. Use a tool like... read more

Finance Friday Practice – Get Your Mind Right

If you are reading this, I know that you: Have the desire to take exceptional care of your business finances Know that doing so is necessary part of being a powerful CEO who runs a profitable company Are willing to engage with this subject and do the work required to... read more

Finance Friday Practice – Create Order

We CREATE ORDER by getting our bookkeeping done! Let’s start with the definition of what bookkeeping is: Bookkeeping is the PRACTICE of recording all of a business’s financial transactions in a SYSTEMATIC way and in chronological order which MUST be done for all... read more

Finance Friday Practice – Get Paid!

[Finance Friday Practice: Get Paid!] CASH is the LIFEBLOOD of a BUSINESS. We need to keep it coming in as quickly and as regularly as possible. That is why getting paid is a #1 priority for me. Cash supports you in doing THE WORK you are in business to do. Having... read more

Finance Friday Practice – Know Your Costs

[Finance Friday Practice: Know Your Costs] There are many layers to this, and I will share more as we continue working together but for now I want to talk to you about two key numbers I want you to know, my thoughts on the subject, and how to start consciously working... read more

I’m on a mission to create powerful CEOs.

I do this by breaking down the barriers between you and your financial information. I believe financial strategy supported by rock-solid bookkeeping and coaching to breakthrough stuck points are key components of business success.

My customers often come to me in a mess, sometimes far behind on their bookkeeping and out of touch with their numbers. Some are afraid to look at their financial information and often don’t know what to do with it when they see it.

Staying in fear is not an option.

Your numbers exist and are what they are whether you look at them or not.

Let’s see what’s what together. Let’s use the financial information to our advantage.

I want you to be successful. I want the world to experience what you and your business have to offer.

Don’t let lack of knowledge in this area hold you back from being the Badass CEO I know you are capable of being.

I’m here to create systems that deliver ease, information, strategy and results.

I’m here to deliver the financial goods.

I am a financial truth-teller with compassionate delivery and a results mindset.

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In my session, we were able to crack the code on some limiting beliefs currently plaguing my thinking, zero in on my soul’s deepest desires, and ultimately formulate an action plan to achieve my vision.I highly recommend you check Carol and her company out! It will be well worth your time!
Lindsay Morlock

Yes, energizing and much needed clarity. I SO needed this. Thank you so much for your time and insight. I fully felt heard, understood and captivated by the ideas you brought forth and challenged me to think about. I printed off our sheet after our meeting and implemented into my 90 day app. So fabulous. I can’t wait for more. I truly feel I’m going to grow from our sessions and improve my business finances. Crazy how things work I asked the universe for this and here I am
Peter Bragino

Carol has been a game changer for my business! If your finances make you cringe, you need to get on the phone with Carol asap. She’ll bring a sense of confidence to your financial future and an action plan to get you started down the right path.
Kate Byer