Look Ahead

What is looking ahead and how do you look ahead? Looking ahead financially in your business means to create a financial forecast where you map out the income and expenses of your business and what your cash balance will be as you move forward in time. Use a tool like... read more

Finance Friday Practice – Get Your Mind Right

If you are reading this, I know that you: Have the desire to take exceptional care of your business finances Know that doing so is necessary part of being a powerful CEO who runs a profitable company Are willing to engage with this subject and do the work required to... read more

How Knowing Yourself Can Make You More Money In Business

I believe that knowing yourself, what your gifts are and what your life purpose is are essential to having courage on the entrepreneurial path, increasing the value of what you are putting out into the world, and growing your self-esteem and confidence so you can more... read more

Create Order

We CREATE ORDER by getting our bookkeeping done! Let’s start with the definition of what bookkeeping is: Bookkeeping is the PRACTICE of recording all of a business’s financial transactions in a SYSTEMATIC way and in chronological order which MUST be done for all... read more

Fearless Financial Ritual

Fearless Financial Ritual To support you, comfort you, reduce anxiety, and add pleasure to the task of taking care of your business finances. Use this Two Step ritual before working on your bookkeeping, having discussions about finances or anytime you are feeling... read more