“I’m delighted to recommend Carol LeBlanc to creative types, or anyone for that matter, who can’t imagine actually enjoying managing their finances and learning all the ins and outs of QuickBooks (or online banking). I have a new business, and the accounting was the last thing I wanted to deal with. Carol made learning the programs fun. Her patience and encouragement during our trainings sped the learning and helped me feel truly competent at something I’ve been scared of all my life. And I can rest knowing my finances are in order. She’s a miracle worker!”

Mary Campbell

Divining Beauty

“Carol has completely changed my perspective of my finances in my business. Before working with Carol, I was scared to even look at my numbers. I knew that I wasn’t making as much money as I wanted, and I was embarrassed to talk with anyone about it! But, I took a leap of faith and asked Carol to come in to help me organize and get honest with my finances. Carol is absolutely amazing! She calmly helps me find places where money is coming in and brainstorm ways to increase those revenue points. She sympathetically helps me look at my expenses and trim out what is non-essential. Most importantly, Carol creates a safe place for me to look at my business finances without judgement. My profits are on the rise, and I rest easy, knowing that every month, Carol will be there to guide me through my numbers. Thank you, Carol!!”

Morgan Gist MacDonald

Writing Coach, Editor, and Author, Paper Raven Books

“Carol is a true gem. Not only is she a caring and compassionate accountant that will get your books in order, but she is a wonderful coach. Carol has amazing listening skills and is gifted at clarifying any issue that you are working through. She has helped me accomplish more in my business than I thought possible.”

Magen Smith

Self Storage CPA

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“Working with Carol was very empowering! I had a coaching session with Carol where she guided me through a process of discovery of what I truly wanted and how I could move forward with my business decisions. She is very warm, friendly, caring and intuitive to my needs. She is skilled and knowledgeable and I look forward to growing my business with her input.”

Nancy Quevillon

Chiropractor, Dr. Nancy Quevillon

“Carol is so much more than an accountant. Her compassion and sincere desire to help her clients make more shines through in everything she does. Whether she is working one on one or teaching a group the energy you experience with Carol is nothing short of transformational!”

Veronica Drake

Intuitive Business Consultant, Veronica Drake

“I always knew that our Accounting Records were taken care of with Carol, even when new situations popped up, Carol always gave great advice, followed by discussion and then she would implement quickly. I had the pleasure of working with Carol for the past year on several projects for Renovus, she always set a schedule and stuck to it. Carol’s ability to turn around project work is fantastic! She thinks out of the box. She helped Renovus set up multiple time saving, easy to use accounting and bill tracking systems that really boosted productivity. Even when the work environment was a bit on fire, Carol was always able to make everyone satisfied with her solutions and sweet personality. Any small business would be lucky to have Carol working for their team. She has a solid CPA background, easily handles new or expanding business needs, and she is great to work with to boot, a real find.”

Maria Haight

Finance Manager, Renovus Energy

Ready to know and love your numbers now?

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“As a CPA, Carol has a thorough understanding of accounting systems allowing for an ease of communicating during my busiest of times. Whether Carol is setting up books for the first time or fixing a mess, her thoughtful and knowledgeable approach puts my clients at ease. I would not hesitate to recommend my clients to Carol for their bookkeeping needs!”

Michael Longo

Michael Longo CPA

“When we first started working with Carol, our books were in shambles. We had been using a couple of different softwares and bouncing around how to best do the books when we got to them. We had a few years of records that were disorganized and not balancing well at all. After just a few short months of working with Carol, our books were in order and now in our 2nd year of working with her, they are pristine, balanced, and we have backup spreadsheets to make sure that our books are matching up appropriately! It’s incredible and really puts my mind at ease knowing that we’re organized and doing our books by the book. I can’t recommend Carol and her services more highly. She’s excellent in everything she does and an absolute joy to work with. If you’re considering working with her, stop considering right now and hire her! You won’t regret it one bit.”

Tim Bickers


“Carol has been a game changer for my business! If your finances make you cringe, you need to get on the phone with Carol asap. She’ll bring a sense of confidence to your financial future and an action plan to get you started down the right path”

Kate Byer

Kate Byer Interior Design

Ready to know and love your numbers now?

Apply for a complementary 30 minute discovery session with Carol to explore how we might work together.

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