If you are reading this, I know that you:

  • Have the desire to take exceptional care of your business finances
  • Know that doing so is necessary part of being a powerful CEO who runs a profitable company
  • Are willing to engage with this subject and do the work required to break through whatever barriers might exist for you, even if you feel scared and vulnerable

If you agree with the above statements, please know that I am showing up here to talk about getting cozy with your numbers and planning to be profitable in a way that you may not have heard before. My goal is to support you on this journey to creating good financial habits in your business.

We are in this together. To get started, let’s talk about three mindset shifts that are necessary to be successful in this area.

Mindset Shift #1: Decide not to be a victim

There are reasons why this subject might be hard for you to engage with. Here are a few major ones:

  1. Deep unconscious beliefs from childhood experiences, our parent’s beliefs, ancestral patterns and societal fears are currents running in the background that may be dictating our behavior. These beliefs need to be looked at, processed and transformed into beliefs that will serve us instead of sabotaging
  2. Complexity real or perceived caused by the government, financial institutions, the law and the accounting profession may cause us to feel stupid and powerless. I urge you to reject any resulting powerlessness and become a person who empowers themselves to ask questions until you clearly understand. Then you can use your understanding to become financially stronger.

I am pointing out common things I see cause many people to feel paralyzed when it comes to taking care of their business finances. Not to give you an excuse to stay stuck but to let you know there is nothing wrong with you. You are not flawed. You are a powerful creator.

I call attention to them because I want you to see what’s happening and step fully into your power to change what is not working for you.

Louise Hay says, “we need to build ourselves up instead of beating ourselves up.” In that spirit, I invite you to reject the idea that you cannot improve in this area and instead affirm that you can change, and that support exists to help you.

Hint: You actually might be doing very well taking care of your business finances and not acknowledging yourself. I have seen this scenario many times so it might be that you just need to recognize that you are doing well and embrace that about yourself.

Mindset Shift #2: Decide that help and support is available to you and will show up if you are willing to get clear about what you want and need and consciously invite help in

One profound spiritual concept that changed everything for me is the idea that because we have free will we need to invite help and assistance into our lives to get massive results and experience profound changes.

I have been a person of faith for a large part of my life, but I realize now that even how I engaged with the unseen help that was available to me originated from a place of victimhood.

It was living on “a wing and a prayer”. This expression conveys the idea that you live hoping you will succeed although you are not prepared enough for it.

I used to think that if I worked hard, tried my best and begged in prayer from a place of desperation, someday things might work out well for me.

Then I learned, because of free will, we need to invite help to receive more help. This doesn’t mean we don’t have angels, spirit guides, God (insert your personal beliefs here) watching over us but it does mean if we are specific and ask for what we want, we can crank up the assistance available to us.

This is why you hear being precise and clear about what you want and need causes things to show up more quickly. I have seen it again and again when I work with my clients. We plan out how much money is needed, what we need that we think we can’t afford, and other details we desire for our lives and businesses and things can show up fast. Combine that with asking for is best for us and is in alignment with our soul’s journey and life starts to amaze you constantly as things line up that seem almost unbelievable.

To say this another way: If you get clear about what you want and need and invite help with open minded expansiveness, you will start to see people and circumstances show up that will help you reach your goals. When you make plans and put things in writing in the spirit of, “this is what I need and want,” you are communicating with the unseen forces that are delighted to help you.

Clarity + Invitation = Magical Synchronicities and Support

Mindset Shift #3: Change your beliefs about how much happiness, success, and abundance you deserve

Changing beliefs is no small task and something that I work at continuously. I experience layers that need to be peeled back and often as soon as I begin celebrating the results, I have to work on peeling back the next layer.

Uncovering our beliefs, healing past wounds and inviting in new possibilities for ourselves is regular maintenance for a healthy consciousness.

There are many tools and techniques available to us in the form of teachers who have courses you can take, books you can read, healers who use many different modalities that work for different people, and tools we can do ourselves like writing, tapping or meditation.

I cannot begin to tell you what will work for you. I can only share how I suggest you get started, what has worked for me and some resources I love.

I suggest you decide not to be a victim and invite in help. You don’t have to know what to do or how it’s going to happen. You need only be willing to begin this journey growing your skills as CEO of your company in the area of money and planning, invite help, be aware of and trust what shows up and move forward with faithful action.

A Prayer To Shift From Powerless to Powerful and Invite Help:

“I am ready to heal what is holding me back from being able to take care of my business finances and plan for success. I know that help is available to me, and I invite that help into my life. I trust that the right people, tools, and ideas will show up to support me on my healing journey. I ask that a clear path is laid out for me, and I can recognize what to do, afford to do it and have the willingness to do the work required to experience this transformation. Please make it so easy for this to happen that I am amazed at it. Please make it effortless. I am ready to rise to this higher vibration and am willing to receive the support and abundance that will allow me to do my soul’s work. Please make it fun and pleasurable as I enjoy this incredible gift of life that we experience on this beautiful earth. Thank you God (insert your personal beliefs here)”

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